Hops = Happiness 

Adrienne Rinaldi, or in the beer world, BeerSnobChick, has had a love for beer from early on, stemming from BeerSnobParents. BeerSnobChick began blogging in September of 2009 after refusing to drink a macro-light beer at a bar when a friend said, “Why don’t you stop being such a beer snob and drink an MGD like everyone else!” – Ya, right!

Now, BeerSnobChick ventures from brewery to brewery, beer fest after another, tasting and critiquing all over the country (and sometimes across the world) and reviews outdoor gear associated with beer as a fantastically fun hobby!  BeerSnobChick currently resides in Denver, Colo. the Mecca of Beer.

Coloradans make the beer, but the beer makes Coloradans. For Coloradans, beer is a lifestyle, we take special pride in our micro-brews, which outnumber macro-brews in every pub or restaurant. So, I’ll write and video blog about it! OH, and I’ll enjoy every sip of it!

Why Gear and Beer?

I’m passionate about the outdoors and am equally passionate about beer! I enjoy apres ski-bike-hike-climb-summit-yoga, you name it. So why not get the best of both worlds? Contact me to review your awesome gear!

Yoga and Beer – BrewAsanas

Check out www.brewasanas.com for event dates, times and locations.

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